What are Treasures?

Treasures are pieces of metadata that collectors can use to make their VIM more unique and valuable within VIMworld. Some treasures represent the “bloodline” of a VIM, attributing it to a specific clan of VIMs, while other treasures can indicate that a VIM has endured a special event of some kind. 

Each VIM can hold a variety of different treasures, as well as multiple quantities of each. The more Treasures your VIM collects, the better! Once acquired by your VIM, treasure can be spent within the VIMworld ecosystem, effectively burning that treasure forever. In this way, Treasures will be like the currency your VIMs use within VIMworld, useful for purchasing powerups, add-ons and other VIM-specific products and experiences.

Treasures are also given to VIMs which successfully complete quests, marking their in-lore accomplishments as well as making them uniquely identifiable in the VIMworld ecosystem. 

Current Known Treasures