VIM Artists

VIMdesign Committee

Within the VIMworld Universe and platform, collaborations, partnerships, brands and IP are highly varied in terms of type, artstyle and potential owner. Despite these differences, VIMworld provides an environment for disparate elements to come together in a complementary and synergistic fashion.

VIMworld works directly and exclusively with external artists, individuals, brand managers and legal teams to create a melting pot of unique concepts. The value that blockchain and Smart NFTs can unlock is immense. This value is enhanced by our expertly crafted tokenomic structure that empowers VEED token holders and creates a circular system of value creation.

Most importantly, all published collectibles in VIMworld are signed and granted for exclusive use within the VIM universe.

To ensure quality, the VIMdesign Committee carefully selects who they will work with and that both parties’ values and visions are aligned. Contracts and agreements are drafted by legal counsels, ensuring the artist’s work is fully licensed and exclusive to VIMworld as a smart collectible.

The process is the same for external third party VIMs. Once the exclusive art assets and approval is received from all stakeholders, the art is infused with its digital soul. Most of the time, these collectibles will be introduced and sold on the VIMdispenser. There are also many other distribution channels, including the Adopt-A-VIM program, special events held by the 8Hours Foundation, brand owners and more.


“If you’re an artist, brand manager or IP owner and are interested in bringing your favorite characters to life the VIMworld platform, please email


Source: Vimworld Official medium article


1. Kingsfool

Produced the prototype characters for VIMworld (2020) based on VIMworld’s own IP. These have already been made into physical toys. Kingsfool transformed the art into digital illustrations for VIMworld.

The digital illustrations included Armstrong, GrOwl , Magessica and GhostBeard.

 Not much more is known about the artist.


2. Inkarat Mittongtare

Studied Entertainment Design at Art Center College of Design.

Released a collection for VIMworld in 2020 titled “Hell or High Noon”. The collection features demonic bounty hunters hailing from the town of Purgatoria. Inkarat was a contributing illustrator for many gaming and toy companies such as Bandai America.

The Hell or High Noon collection includes Julie, Morticia, Mo, Borf and Leonard.


3. ShinYeon Moon

Studied Fine Arts at New York University and School of Visual Arts.

Released a collection for VIMworld in 2020 titled “Warrior Women”. Shin has taught Design Foundations at Queens College and also lectures at the University of Arts. Illustration publications such as 3×3 Magazine, Creative Quarterly and Latin American Illustrations have bestowed various accolades on her work. 3×3 Magazine included the Warrior Women collection in the category of “Winners & Honorable Mentions” for their printed Annual No. 17

The Warrior Women collection includes San, Mushi, Hachi and Nara


4. (Journey to the West collection)

Not much is known about the artist but it is speculated that it is an in-house VIMworld artist.

5. Douglas Rodas

Douglas Rodas, an award-winning creative artist and illustrator based in Toronto and originating from El Salvador, is responsible for the design of the Kamanali Sentinels Collection. They were inspired by Mesoamerican mythology and culture.

An interview with Douglas can be found here: