#050 - Diego


International playboy wrestler and self-proclaimed ladies’ man, Diego, has dominated the wrestling world with his sick athletic skills. After the none-so-bright Diego discovered a conspiracy by his league to throw matches, he decided to join the Dharmapala to fight corruption at the highest levels. With his cybernetic enhancements, Diego’s strength is super-human and his intelligence is almost normal; this debonair wrestler has no problem making others jealous with his ability to pull in the babes. Remember, hate the game, not the playa’!

This VIM can contain treasures:

Official Sale information (historical)

Type Number Price (VEED) Price (USD) Date
Dispenser 150 38,000 $350 14/10/2021
CollectionCyber Dharmapalas
SinceOctober 14th 2021
Limited EditionNo