#035 - Philippe Diamant


Bankroller of the Resilience Clan, Philippe Diamant is stylish, elegant but resilient in life. At a young age, fashionable Diamant with his sick threads nailed 360’s the first time he rode, akin to the arc of the Polysians who rode waves to Maui to the Gold City kids who surfed sidewalks. Now, blessed by the God of Wealth, Diamant watches the world with his pocket dimension filled with gemstones within his luxury suit – and a diamond in his hands.


Philippe Diamant was the VIM used in the IVO for VIMworld starting on May 15th 2021. Initially he was $2,500+ to purchase with an allocation of 500,000 VEED tokens that came with him.

This VIM can contain treasures:

CollectionVIMworld Magic Collection
SinceMay 15th 2021
Limited EditionYes