#024 - Bone Maiden


An attractive woman in life, the Bone Maiden became an even more beautiful demon in death. With the power to transform her appearance at will, the Bone Maiden has tricked many an unsuspecting victim, masquerading as a pile of bones or deceased relative. This wily demonic belle is always accompanied by her faithful bone dragon, Panhu, making her one of the most formidable foes Sun Wukong has ever faced. After suffering defeat at his hand, the Bone Maiden gained a great respect for him.. Or was it more?


Bone Maiden was dispensed as the main VIM of the 2021 Halloween Headrush event. 7 were allocated via a social media activity campaign.

This VIM can contain treasures:

Official sale information (historical)

Type Number Price (VEED) Price (USD) Date
Dispenser 200 39,999 $270.00 28/10/2021
CollectionJourney to the West
SinceOct. 28 2021
Limited EditionYes