#021 - The King


In the plains of the Western Liang, there exists a Queendom, ruled by a female king. No men can be found, for it is destined as such by the Gods since the dawn of Creation. Brows like green willow, cheeks set off with plum blossom, hair like the plumage of a golden phoenix. Her beauty unmatched even by Heavenly Fairies, the King awaits at her palace for eternity. To what purpose is her beauty for? As she ponders, as fate would have it, the Monk on his pilgramage appears at the castle gates of Queendom. Fate, however, is often cruel…

This VIM can contain treasures:

Official sale information (historical)

TypeNumberPrice (EHrT)Price (USD)Date
March 8th 2021
CollectionJourney to the West
SinceMarch 8th 2021
Limited EditionNo