#018 - Ao Lie


Ao Lie is originally a dragon prince who is the third son of the Dragon King of the West Sea. Rebellious and full of energy, he was a playful prince in his youth. One day, the naughty prince set a fire that destroyed a pearl that was a gift from the Jade Emperor. To protect the West Sea Dragon Clan, he was forsaken by the Dragon King and family, and was about to be executed for committing this offense. However, he was spared by bodhisattva of compassion, destined for greater things…


Ao Lie was airdropped in a blessing event by Austrför to anyone who held an S-tier Armstrong or an Armstrong with a random S-tier.

This VIM can contain treasures:

CollectionJourney to the West
SinceOct. 26 2020
ClanOutriders of Austrför
Limited EditionYes