#013 - Hachi


Hachi (also meaning peach in Japanese) and her pets, twin wolf demons (named Tong and Suh), travel the land as assassins for hire. She can spiritually connect with her wolf demons and go into combat with them. She wears many layers as this process of spiritual fusion makes warmth leave the body.

This VIM can contain treasures:


  • Anyone who had 350,000 EHrT in their wallet as of October 6th 2020 recieved a Hachi.
  • Not every Hachi has devotion treasures. After Hachi was recieved players had to keep the Hachi and 350,000 EHrT in their wallet until October 20th 2020 in order to recieve them. Hachis that were traded or that were in a wallet that dropped below this balance were foreve excluded from the devotion clan. There are around 940 Hachis with devotion treasures.
CollectionWarrior Women
SinceOct. 6 2020
Limited EditionYes