Vexchange is a decentralized exchange, so that means there is no depositing of funds or waiting around while withdrawals process. When users wish to make a transaction, tokens are swapped and instantly returned to the user’s wallet. Since it is non-custodial, the threat of hacking or theft is greatly reduced. Decentralized exchanges are peer-to-peer and transparent, removing the need for KYC.
(Source: Vechain101)

This means you can swap VET and VTHO tokens to VEED or the other way around without sending your tokens to an exchange. To swap VET for VEED on mobile.

In your Vechain wallet select, ‘discover’ at the bottom. Look for ‘Vexchange’ in the Finance section.



You’ll get this note that you are leaving the wallet. Press ‘understood’.


You also need to ‘confirm authorization’. It’ll need your password that you need to unlock your wallet. Don’t worry. Vexchange doesn’t store the password and your funds are safe!


The next screen asks us what tokens we want to swap. We want to swap 1000 VET for VEED in this example. We choose 10000 VET as input and chose VEED as output. Vexchange gives us 18709.5545 VEED in this example. We press Swap.


Finally, Vexchange asks us to confirm and sign the swap. After we sign it, 1000 will be immediately sent to Vexchange and around 18709 VEED will be sent, back to our wallet. 

We have just bought VEED instantly on Vexchange!