VEED Token

The VEED token is the lifeblood of VIMworld. It is the fuel of the ecosystem that ties everything together. To do anything in VIMworld you need VEED.

You can buy VEED from multiple exchanges.

Bitrue – VEED/BTC

An exchange trading VEED/BTC

Bitrue – USDT/VEED

An exchange trading USDT/VEED


A decentralised exchange for instant and safe swapping VET and other VIP-201 tokens, directly from your wallet without KYC.


Our highest volume exchange trading BTC/VEED


Our highest volume exchange trading USDT/VEED

Now you have some VEED you can either read more about the token below, or visit the beginners guide page to see how to use your VEED to interact with VIMworld and get your very first VIM!


When Lila and Jackson and the team created VIMworld, they wanted to build a system that would not only achieve the ultimate goal of bringing people together, but would do so in a self-sustaining way. The VIMworld economy is central to that design because it creates financial rewards from play, not just for the companies who sell the games or gaming platforms, but for the players themselves.

As the primary currency in the VIMworld ecosystem, VEED is designed to be both flexible and straightforward, regardless of the user’s fluency with other types of cryptocurrency. VEEDs create VIMs, but they can also be used by players and developers alike to generate digital assets or support the creation of new content.

VIMworld services will require payment in the form of VEED, burnt VEED, or locked VEED.

The VEED token is a powerful way to represent the alignment of all members in the ecosystem. Just as each member in the ecosystem is united in the cause, the ecosystem’s increase in value is reflected in VEEDs. The Foundation facilitates rewards with VEEDs for individuals who significantly contribute to VIMworld. Contributions can be as simple as bringing more partners to the platform, sharing the platform with other communities, or creating applications that add real-world value.

Implicitly, VEED also promotes a sense of belonging and trust among the community. As the Foundation matures, utility of VEED will expand and become more technically comprehensive.


More information available in the VIMworld PPP