Tiers and Feeding

VIMs are appreciated and ranked by Tiers. They are ranked from lowest to highest — F, E, D, C, B, A, S, S1 – S9 and ultimately X tier (equivalent to S10). 

Generally, when a VIM is created it will start at F Tier and will require VIMenergy in order to grow. Every day, players will be allowed to feed each VIM a limited amount of VEED, which is the food VIMs love to eat! Feeding VEED to your VIM converts it into VIMenergy. When the VIMenergy level of a VIM passes a predetermined threshold, that VIM will level up into a higher tier.

Below is a table illustrating how much VEED and VIMenergy is needed per tier. This table will update every 15 minutes. The VEED:VIMenergy ratio is updated daily at 00:00 UTC, and changes may not take immediate effect here.

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Price of VEED at latest snapshot (USD):0.0063
Cost of 1 VIMenergy (VEED):
Date (UTC):
Per Tier
StepDaysEnergy/dayTotal energy
Max VEED/day

How does the VEED to VIMenergy conversion work?

Each day at 00:00 UTC the ratio of VEED to VIMenergy is set based on the USDT/VEED price on KuCoin.

This ratio is based on a price of $0.005 per VEED being a ratio of 360 VEED to 1 VIMenergy. So if the price is $0.005 for VEED you’ll need 360 VEED for each VIMenergy you want to feed your VIM – as in the table above.

If the price of VEED is $0.0025 you would need 720 VEED per VIMenergy, whereas if the price was $0.01 you woud need only 180 VEED per VIMenergy.

This mechanic allows the price of a tier to remain consistent in $ while benefiting those who have more VEED from an earlier time. 

You can acess a copy of the above table in spreadsheet format here, save your own copy and then change the price of VEED. The table will then update with the corresponding values.

Think of your VIM like a digital piggy bank. It doesn’t actually EAT your VEED tokens to grow, it just converts them to VIMenergy and then stores them that way. At a later stage you will be able to withdraw the VEED tokens from your VIM, at which point the VIM’s tier will be automatically adjusted according to the remaining VIMenergy balance. Note – the VIMenergy will not go up via this method, but it can remain the same if the ratio has changed beneficially and you leave enough VIMenergy inside the VIM to maintain the current VIMenergy level. There will be further mechanics announced to benefit those who have a high VEED to VIMenergy ratio.

Be warned, your VIM will also lose any tier-related addons such as EGGs, Companions and certain Treasures if it drops below the tier required for those perks. 

Unlike most traditional collectibles, VIMs appreciate in value as you use and level them up. Their experiences are what make them more meaningful to you, but they also bestow them with special skills and abilities that give them objective value to others. In that way, they are like living things, and, just as with all living things, they need to be fed and cared for in order to grow. Keep that in mind when thinking of un-feeding them!

Feeding the VIM to grow it

Why Should I get a Top Tier VIM?

Certain higher tier VIMs are entitled to the best rewards, see the sections on Deities and Blessings which have already been awarded to S tier VIMs. In addition, once a VIM has reached a certain tier, it gains a digital pocket to hold an EGG (Electronically Gifted Goody). Once attached to a VIM, an EGG goes through an incubation period, after which it hatches a Companion, a special NFT-based companion that can grant powers or perks to your VIM. S tiers also have access to VIM Pool Rewards.

Want to stay ahead and grow your VIMs faster? FEAST!

Players can also choose to expedite their VIMs growth by “Feasting”. Feasting allows VIMs to accelerate their rate of growth by 1 day of feeding. There is no limit to how many times a VIM can Feast, but keep in mind that there is a fee for feasting. A portion of this fee will be channeled to the VIMpool as rewards to S-Tier VIMs.

In order to get Vanguard Treasures some players may want to use the feasting feature on a new VIM so they can be sure of receiving these.