NTI of the Eight Hours Foundation

The culmination of months of work from the partnership of CREAM and VeChain to set up the Eight Hours Foundation came in the first issuance of Eight Hours tokens in exchange for VET. Nearly 550.000.000 tokens were issued. This was a big step on the road to making VIMworld a reality, marking the 8Hours Foundation establishing itself.

"This is just the beginning of the journey, and the stage is set with powerful advisors, such as Glen Schofield — a prolific figure in the AAA games industry, and a couple more industry thought leaders we have signed on between April until now"

Find out more here

First Unboxing the 'PlayTable',

A beta user of the PlayTable shared his experience of unboxing the device and using an EHrT wallet which he had exclusive access to. 

This was the first time a beta user experienced the newest version with the latest software update in person, and the software was able to auto-update.

The video has now been made private, but you can read more about the unboxing here

The Eight Hours Foundation announces its partnership with Toybox

Toybox, a 3D printer company represents a really exciting partnership with 8Hours, and is an exciting way NFTs can be brought into the real world with RFID technology.

The premise is with a ToyBox and Playtable bundle, you could 3D-print your own toys which can then have RFID tags attached to bring the fun to the PlayTable.

San Francisco Blockchain Week 2019

8Hours attended San Francisco Blockchain Week 2019, one of the world’s largest events focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship in the world of blockchain.

"VeChain co-hosted BUIDLer Assembly and we were honored to be a part of their panel, discussing creating true value for the real economy by leveraging blockchain technology. The lineup for the panel discussion included John Dempsey, our CEO and Founding Director at 8Hours, along with Sunny Lu (Co-founder & CEO at VeChain), Xiaoning Nan (Founder & CEO at OceanEx), Zack (Co-founder & COO at CyberX), and Alyssa Tsai (Founder & CEO at PANONY and PANews). The panel addressed a topic that has been on everyone’s mind; which was how to let users easily navigate and explore the blockchain and related tools to address public concerns and increase adoption efforts."

In addition to their appearance in the panel discussion, 8Hours had a booth in the gaming section. During the exhibition, many attendees visited the booth, played games, and instantly fell in love with the PlayTable and 8Hours ecosystem. 

Reiner Knizia joins the PlayTable project

Legendary board games company Reiner Knizia announced its partnership with Blok Party to bring some of their most popular games to the TapTop

"The timing of this addition [was] critical for Blok Party, as it continues to ship. Blok Party already has rights to produce board game hits such as Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Love Letter, and Game of 49."

Find out more here

VIMworld is announced and the project whitepaper is published

VIMworld (in case you didnt know) is the official NFT ecosystem for the 8Hours Foundation and PlayTable ecosystem. This was an incredible milestone and represents the first real look at VIMworld as a project.

You can read the whitepaper here.

"VIMworld creates a space where entrepreneurship and play help each other thrive. At the core of VIMworld are VIMs themselves, each one unique and permanent. VIMs are non-fungible tokens that will provide an unquestionable system of authentication and allow their owners to both store and build value through play and meaningful connections to others."

PlayTable is voted Top Tech Toy at Toy Fair 2020

8Hours attended the biggest toy festival in the world, including the biggest names in the business like Disney, Bandai, LEGO etc. and managed to win accolades for its innovative system.

Watch this video for a review of the PlayTable from the convention by Dr Amanda Gunner.

Eight Hours Token listed on Bitrue

EHrT is listed on the Bitrue cryptocurrency exchange, representing a big step in its journey as a cryptocurrency. This was the first time EHrT was listed on an exchange.

VIMworld Telegram Channel hits 1000 members!
The First VIM Giveaway takes place

A very exciting moment when the first VIMs were distributed amongst the early participants in the project.

This marked the beginning of Stage 1 of the VIMworld project, where anyone who was holding 10.000 EHrT or more in their VeChainThor Mobile Wallet or VeChain’s SYNC Desktop Browser could get their first VIM for free with special Voyager treasures. Over 1100 VIMs were distributed!

The Second Vim Giveaway!

The last major giveaway of VIMs, where participants could get a D-Tier VIM preloaded with 19.000 EHrTs. On top of that, 10 lucky winners got a free A-Tier with 77.700 EHrTs preloaded. Just the 10 winners amounted to $15.000 USD!

VIMpool Rewards Announced

The VIMpool rewards system is designed to reward the owners of coveted S-Tier VIMs. The premise is that a share of EHrTs from the VIMpool is distributed on a bi-weekly basis. The more S-Tiers you own, the more rewards you can get!For every activity that requires a fee on our platform, a percentage will go to the VIMpool.

5% of the EHrTs is allocated to VIMpool each time the 8Hours Foundation mints a VIM, every time someone initiates trades on the VIM marketplace, or every time someone instant upgrades. 

The rewards system is scheduled for implementation in Stage 3 of VIMworld's development. Get your S-Tiers as early as possible!

Find out more here.

VIMworld Telegram Channel hits 2000 members!
Eight Hours Token listed on CoinMarketCap
X-Node Holder Rewards System

The VeChain blockchain has been a huge partner of VIMworld for a long time, and the VIM team decided to reward holders of VeChain nodes. Depending on the node you owned, you could get increasingly impressive VIMs.

VIMworld Telegram Channel hits 5000 members!
The First S-Tier

The First S-Tier was created by way of instant upgrade, by community member Kevin.

VIMworld 1.0 Early Access is launched

On August 21 2020, 15:00 UTC, Access VIMworld became available through the VeChain Mobile Wallet, Sync Desktop Browser, or Chrome-based browsers with the Comet Extension installed. By this point VIMworld had been really successful, with over 7000 VIMs in circulation!

The features included:

1. Viewing your VIMs

Get ready to meet your VIM up close and personal! You’ll get to know your VIMs’ name, artwork, a simple character background, and lore. Aside from personal details, you will be able to examine their statistics such as their Tier Levels and more.

2. Feeding your VIMs

In VIMworld, your characters are represented by Tiers. Different Tiers offer different benefits, with the S-Tier being the highest and most exclusive of them all. Feed your VIMs all the way to S-Tier using EHrT tokens to reap the most benefits and get ready to receive VIMpool rewards shortly after release!

3. Viewing Treasures

In Early Access, Treasures support is built-in. These Treasures are non-transferable but when consumed, will modify and grant exclusive bonuses depending on their type. Find out more when you get them!

4. Manage your VIMs through the VIMventory

We’re big fans of collectibles and the collecting aspect of it. The place where you manage your VIMs will be called the VIMventory. In here, you can view all your VIMs at a glance, and transfer your VIMs to other wallets if you would like to.

5. Obtaining new VIMs using VIMdispenser
VIMworld is a collectible platform, and we wouldn’t launch without a way for you to obtain new VIMs! Use our innovative VIMdispenser which lets you window shop for VIMs before you purchase them. A warning though… you better decide quickly or you’ll lose out to others standing right next to you!

6. Manage your EHrT, VET, VTHO tokens

Aside from your VIMs acting as a wallet when you feed them your EHrTs, VIMworld will come with a Digital Asset manager. As long as you access VIMworld using the VeChain Mobile Wallet, Sync, or Comet wallet, you can manage your EHrT, VET, VTHO tokens. Easily store, send, and receive your tokens without leaving VIMworld!


VIMdispenser Launch Event Begins

In celebration of the launch of the public early access of VIMworld, the foundation ran dispenser events in the days following, with much success.

VIMs paraded in the VIMdispenser were offered at promotional and discounted rates, starting with Armstrong at 15:00 UTC.

VIM Adoption program begins

The VIMdispenser launch sales were HUGELY successful, with batches selling out in an average of 5 seconds! (VIMdispenser events are still super competitive now too, so good luck!). The foundation started the VIMadoption program as a result, so anyone can join the VIMfam. 

New members were first able to reserve an E-Tier Armstrong for 3500 EHrTs. Across the course of the program, the cost went up to 5000 EHrT and there were Armstrongs, GrOwls and Julies up for adoption. VIM Adoption is currently unavailable in anticipation for the exciting things the foundation has coming.

First Third-Party VIM Collection Announced

The Hell or High Noon Collection was the first of many third-party VIM collections, designed by an artist known for his work with Bandai, one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world: Inkarat Mittongtare.

"Inkarat’s VIM Collection will be titled “Hell or High Noon” and features demonic bounty hunters, gathering highly prized souls just west of hell. Aside from being trophy hunters hailing from the town of Purgatoria, not much is known about this mysterious group. Rumour has it that they were themselves once lost souls that had to strike a deal with the devil…"

Alanna, the first goddess to bless S-Tiers, makes her appearance

"The serene Goddess of Harvest, Alanna, is descending onto the mortal realm in what appears to be the first sighting since eons ago before the VIMworld Universe was willed into existence by the Outer Gods that guards the dimensions. What will she bring to the VIMworld Universe with her divine powers? Ancient manuscripts and word of mouth from ancestral beasts tell of her generous blessings…."

The Blessing programme is an S-Tier rewards event that takes place when a deity provides S-Tiers with treasures, and their owners with EHrT bonuses over the course of the visit. S-Tiers with status when Alanna visited were given 100 Feithleann treasures on the 12th day.


BitMart and Eight Hours Shooting Star Event

BitMart becomes the second exchange to list EHrT with the Shooting Star Event.

During the Shooting Star flash sale, qualified BitMart users were able to purchase a certain allotted amount, up to 100USDT worth of EHrT with 20% off from the average market price.

Clan System announced

The ‘Clan System, provided the first glimpses into the ways the value of VIMs can be boosted through the usage of Smart NFT metadata.

VIMs in the same Clan can be from different VIM collection series and artists, making it another way of incentivizing collectors and holders.

When a user completes a full set of VIMs from the same Clan, they become eligible to receive amazing rewards such as in-game boosts, gameplay modifiers and bonuses. VIMs within a Clan will also have their own exclusive events and giveaways, similar to how S Tier VIMs have their own exclusive events.

VIMmarket Beta Released

VIMmarket was the official decentralized marketplace for trading, buying and selling VIMs. Unfortunately it got off to a rocky start; it was live for around 24 hours, but had bugs.

Community complaints included unsold VIMs being very slow to return to wallets, and sorting by price was not possible. The marketplace was taken down and is scheduled for release soon.    

Vanguard Treasures Announced

The VIMworld Vanguards are individuals that are dedicated and faithful to the VIM ecosystem.

For every VIM ever released, previously and moving forward, 10 VIM owners who reach S-Tier first will get the Vanguard Treasures and no one else will be able to obtain them.

There will be 5 ranks of Vanguard Treasures, each given based on how soon they reach S-Tier. They are:

Incredible Warriors Become Demigods

  • The distinguished individual that reaches this level becomes a Demigod. The Demigod Vanguard is reserved for the fastest person to reach S Tier for each respective VIM type.
  • Demigods are distinguished individuals wielding Divine power, with a fraction of power close to the Gods and deities in the VIMworld Universe.

The Champion reaches the apex of perfection through sheer determination and unwavering loyalty.

  • These Vanguards are amongst the most admired heroes in the VIMworld Universe for their unwavering loyalty to the VIMworld ecosystem.

Champions are born from the finest of Warriors and Masters.

  • Vanguard Champions are the elite pathfinding experts and veterans that have experienced and survived countless battles in the unknown lands to achieve their current rank.

Vanguard Journeyman warriors earn their first distinction.

  • Vanguard Nobles are distinguished and an honorary title given to more experienced Journeymans. They are a rank higher than Journeymans, which reflects their experience and speed in rising up the ranks.

The brave and loyal warriors start their journey.

  • Vanguard Journeymans are the brave individuals who volunteer without hesitation for expeditions and joining the cause of expanding the VIMworld Universe.
Austrför, the God of Travel and Speed makes his entrance

Austrför’s appearance marked the second Deity visiting the VIMworld Universe since launch.

Beyond the shower of EHrT lavished upon S-Tier holders, Austrför also brought Outrider clan treasures and a new vim: Ao Lie.

VIMworld Wins Blockchain Game Contribution Award of the Year at the 5th Golden Gyro Award Ceremony

Held during the 2020 Future Business Ecolink Conference (FBEC) on December 11th, 2020, the Golden Gyro Awards is considered one of the most prestigious gaming awards in China. This was a huge step in the global success of VIMworld.

All award nominees are subject to a plethora of evaluation measures and strict requirements from independent judges, in addition to a public round of voting. Previous notable winners of awards in other categories include juggernaut titles such as Tencent’s Honor of Kings, NetEase Inc’s Fantasy Westward Journey and more.

With the support of the Chinese community casting their votes en masse for VIMworld, as well as multiple rounds of evaluation from the judges on our technical achievements, team, company background, vision and conceptual models, VIMworld successfully won the award!

'PlayTable' is rebranded as 'TapTop'

The PlayTable project was rebranded according to the December Newsletter  and became TapTop.

The reasoning for this was a lawsuit levied against Blok Party, submitted in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California in September. The issue was PlayTable as a gaming console and PlayNetwork as a game-related service, which are similar to Sony's 'Playstation' trademark infringed on copyright.

Details of the complaint of copyright infringement demand for jury trial are provided here. 

VIMworld 2.0!

VIMworld 2.0 was released after many hard months of work. The release of VIMworld 2.0 marked the beginning of the next step to conquer the entire blockchain collectibles and NFT industry, and is the foundation of many activities and events to come.

Click here to access VIMworld 2.0!

VIMwiki Launched

The community-run VIMwiki (where you are right now) was launched! It represented the culmination of the editors work to make VIMworld accessible to new community members.

The site also has a lot of useful guides to help newcomers or anyone who wants to learn more about the VIMworld project. Take a good look around while you're here!

VIMmarket & Dashboard Launch

The long awaited VIMmarket was launched enabling VIMworld users to trade their VIMs securely! 

At the same time a competition to win 10,000,000 $VTHO was launched to encourage use of the VIMmarket, each trade constituted one entry.

See more details about the launch here.

VIMstudy Launched

VIMstudy was launched, a comprehensive compendium of info built inside VIMworld!

VIMdex is the first module, offering users a full list of VIMs in the VIMworld collectible ecosystem. Light up your VIMdex & collect every VIM available!

Read more about VIMstudy here.

VIMworld Token Swap Announced

An open letter from VIMworld Co CEO Jackson Fu was released informing the community of the token swap. A full VIMwiki page dedicated to this topi can be found here.