Beginners Guide

First off, what is VIMworld?

VIMworld is a brand new, innovative ecosystem – a marriage of Smart NFTs, IoT technology, blockchain, and a new generation of smart toys and collectibles. VIMworld has a powerful incentive structure and a circular economy that encourages proactive stakeholder engagement, generating value for players, collectors and traders alike,

VIMworld currently is in an early access stage, and allows you to view your VIMs, feed them and acquire new VIMs from the VIMdispenser or VIMmarket. In future releases of VIMworld more features will be added like games to play with your VIMs and cross chain functionality.

For more information check out the VIMworld PPP

So Why do I want a VIM?

Unlike traditional collectibles growing dusty in an obscure cabinet, rarely noticed or touched, VIMs appreciate in value as you use them and level up. Their experiences make them more meaningful to you, but your tribulations grant them special skills and abilities that increase their objective value to others. In this manner, VIMs become more like living things, with a need to be fed and cared for in order to grow.

Other valuable add-ons such as treasures or other kinds of tokens can boost the value of VIMs, with combinations of these additional collectibles creating completely unique VIMs able to command higher values.

You can also use VIMs to generate income!

Check out this video from community member @UnderdogCrypto1 to find out more!

Ok I’m sold, how do I get started?

First off you need some food for your VIMs, check out our VEED token page for links to exchanges.

Next you need a wallet compatible browser, some examples of these are:

Desktop: Sync Browser and/or Chrome browser with Comet extension installed
Mobile: VeChain Thor Mobile Wallet. (Android / iOS)

Great, I’ve got my VIMfood – what’s next?

Once you have VIMfood (VEED) and a compatible browser, you will need a VIM to continue your journey. The two best ways to do this are:

Visit where you can apply to adopt a VIM

2) Participate in a dispenser event
You can also purchase a VIM from the marketplace once it is open.

You can use your VIM for lots of exciting things like battles, playing games, building collections and much more! You can even use your VIM to receive money as it is a way of staking (more about this on the VIMpool page).

Now you have your VIM you will need to feed it, this will level up your VIM to higher tiers. Details on this can be found on the Tiers page.

That’s it! You’re ready to go! As VIMworld is currently in early access there are some games coming soon. For now, get your VEED ready start creating your collection and feed your new VIM friends all the way to S tier to become eligible for rewards. 

Make sure to join the community to talk about your journey and ask any questions, the telegram link is – it’s polite to say hello when you join, for example, “Hi I’m …, I joined from the VIMwiki and I’m really excited about VIMworld!”

Links to other social channels are in the footer below.

The VIMwiki is funded by the community and is reliant on community members donations to fund the running costs. If you have found this article helpful please think about donating some VEED to help it stay alive! Even 1 VEED or VET token helps!

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