Austrför: God of Travel and Speed

“Recently, through the largest and most unstable portal of them all, a brilliantred and purple light has penetrated through, a deep rumbling has been heard, and a mysterious shadow can be barely seen, but unable to be identified. Is there an impending conflict brewing? Will this strange being traverse the portal and arrive on our plane of existence? How will the Clans and Alliances react? Is this a god passing through the portal to our VIMworld Universe? Or is it something else?…”

Visits and Blessings

October, 2020 introduced the second deity to offer blessings to VIMworld. This time, the arrival came with a story that brought together VIMs from different series. Austrför, who’s name means “Travels to the East” in ancient Viking, arrived quickly and departed almost as fast, but blessed S-Tier holders with a shower of EHrTs. Before leaving, Austrför repayed his debt by giving Ao Lie to VIM owners who held an S-Tier and an Armstrong.

1st Visit: Appeared on October 22nd, 2020 and departed on October 29th, 2020

Blessings by Day:

  1. 400 EHrTs
  2. 500 EHrTs
  3. 1500 EHrTs
  4. 280 EHrTs
  5. Ao Lei
  6. 480 EHrTs
  7. 2,000 EHrTs
  8. 100 Outrider Treasures

Total Blessings:

5,160 EHrTs + Ao Lie VIM + 100 Outrider Treasures


The Outriders of Austrfor clan is made up of different VIMs blessed by the God of Speed and Travel himself. They are also a group of individuals associated directly or indirectly with Austrfor, the patron deity of the Clan. – Written by VIMworld Official 


Outriders Treasures are the sigils of the clan, and must be held by a VIM in order to be a member of the Outriders of Austrför. The sigil itself is a winged boot, representing Speed and Travel.

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