Alanna: Goddess of Harvest

“The serene Goddess of Harvest, Alanna, is descending onto the mortal realm in what appears to be the first sighting since eons ago before the VIMworld Universe was willed into existence by the Outer Gods that guards the dimensions. What will she bring to the VIMworld Universe with her divine powers? Ancient manuscripts and word of mouth from ancestral beasts tell of her generous blessings….”

Visits and Blessings

Alanna's First Visit

The arrival of Alanna in September of 2020 was an exciting time for VIMworld. VIM owners got their first taste of one of the many benefits of holding an S-tier VIM. For 12 consecutive days, a varying amount of EHrTs or Treasures were deposited directly into the wallets that contained S-tiers. The more they had, the more they got. On the last day of blessings, each S-tier received the Feithlean treasure, indicating their faithfulness to the Goddess Alanna.

1st Visit: Appeared on September 10th, 2020 and departed on September 21st, 2020

Blessings by Day:

  1. 1,300 EHrTs

  2. 1,100 EHrTs

  3. 2,500 EHrTs

  4. 700 EHrTs

  5. 800 EHrTs

  6. 1,400 EHrTs

  7. 1,000 EHrTs

  8. 1,700 EHrTs

  9. 800 EHrTs

  10. 300 EHrTs

  11. 2,900 EHrTs

  12. 100 Feithleann Flower Treasures

Total Blessings:

14,500 EHrTs + 100 Feithleann Flower Treasures

Alanna's Second Visit - Community Growth Event

On February 8th 2021 a new event was launched to celebrate the community achievement of 2,000 S tier VIMs. A link to the event can be found Here.

The blessing event was based on community growth within Telegram over the next ten* days. Each day there were more members than the previous the multiplier would increase, allowing exponentially increasing rewards for community growth.

The formula is N * 120% ^ d-1 with N being the number of members and d being the event day.

*On day two there was a bot attack which stopped the event for two days. It was reset and restarted later on after security measures had been put in place.


DateDay NumberNew MembersMultiplierBlessing
08/02/20211 (Before Reset)N/ANone250 EHrT
09/02/20212 (Before Reset)N/ANone120 EHrT
10/02/20213 (Before Reset)N/ANone120 EHrT
11/02/202114None4 EHrT but 120 EHrT minimum amount was given
12/02/2021211120%11 EHrT but 120 EHrT minimum amount was given
13/02/2021320120% ^ 229 EHrT but 120 EHrT minimum amount was given
14/02/2021461120% ^ 3105 EHrT but 120 EHrT minimum amount was given
15/02/2021596120% ^ 4199 EHrT
16/02/20216185120% ^ 5460 EHrT
17/02/202174274120% ^ 61,275 EHrT
18/02/20218N/AN/A1,275 EHrT
19/02/20219N/AN/A1,275 EHrT
20/02/202110N/AN/A1,275 EHrT


No known Clans.


Feithleann Flower Treasures were the final Blessing bestowed upon all S-tier VIMs on the last day of Alanna’s first visit to VIMworld. The flower is a rare and unique symbol, representing affection and wealth for you and your VIMs.